KikaMika Comics is joining forces with Northwest Geek Alliance  at this years Rose City Comic Con.

We are partnering at the event with a big ol corner booth so we can bring our fans lots of awesomeness. Including the West Coast premier of our new series SALTWATER.

Stay tuned for more details, ie. floor location, etc. . .

Come see us September 10-11 at the Oregon Convention Center.


SW-cover-2016 NW_GEEK

SALTWATER #1 is officially off to the printer. For any of us creatives who’ve sent our projects off to be assembled, printed or put in the hands of others, it’s a mix of relief, and anxiety. I’ve done this many times now, and I always get super stressed leading up to the hand off, because I’m thinking of the million things that need to make the project perfect. Some of them are completely silly and others are legit. I’ve learned that once I’ve officially given the approval to go to print, I’ve got to let go and move on to the next project.

Thankfully I’ve put the book into the hands of pros, KrakenPrint who did my last children’s book, Above A Planet Named Up-In-The-Sky. For those of you looking for an amazing printed book, with awesome customer service and tech, then I recommend them highly. There rates are very competitive, with superior product.

The next step is to have SALTWATER #1 in your hands by the 2016 FanExpo in Toronto and then Mitch Cook and I will be joining forces withNW Geek Alliance at the Rose City Comic Con in Portland Oregon.

I’m taking a couple of weeks off of SALTWATER to do FLORIDA SUPERCON with my mom, to do a couple of commissions and this year’s series of prints inspired by fables, and then I’m back on to SALTWATER #2. Mitch has shown me the script and boy, it’s kicking some ass. We’ve got partial funding and are always looking for a bit of help to get the book finished, so if interested PM Mitch and I about how you can be part of the SALTWATER world! – Keith